Teacher Workshop with Max Strom / 17.01.2020


with Max Strom
Friday, January 17th 2020
14:00 – 16:30


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Teacher Intensive Workshop with Max Strom: How to inspire and teach your students to breathe

For teachers and teachers in training.

This special workshop was designed by Max to help teachers to guide their students on how to breathe and why to breathe. In global cities like London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, etc., getting a class to breathe deeply can be like pulling teeth. This is because in contemporary urban life there is so much stress, so much competitiveness, and so much frozen energy around people’s hearts; transforming this to a new healthy state is a huge leap. For some, best sets is the hardest part of one’s yoga practice because it is in the chest that we keep our grief and our old memories, and to open the chest would mean dealing with a new personality and a new life—a massive transformation. This is what we simultaneously both strive for and fear. It is like we are stepping on the accelerator and the brake pedal at the same time. This workshop will include a lecture, standing and seated breath work, and key yoga postures and movements that cause the students to breathe deeply even if they are resistant or not paying attention. This workshop will help you to embrace teaching breath work to students with new confidence and knowledge. Bring your mat and writing materials (please no recording equipment).

This workshop will be a very special kick-off event before Max’s public workshop.
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