Anamaria Gomez Pinto

I’m Ana, from Colombia, besides being a Yoga teacher, I’m also an Astrologist, a Reiki healer, a mom of a furry fluffy puppy, a wife, a sister and a friend. Yoga allowed me to connect, it made me stronger, it opened my mind, it gave me calm and tranquility, it gave me well being and it made me happier. Yoga gave more meaning to my beliefs and it showed me how to be better for myself and for others. It opened the doors to a lot of new sensations and gave me a new path; a clearer path. It became my passion and what I want to share with everyone.

I love to do things differently and that’s why I’m always innovating in my Vinyasa Flows. I also love to be very balanced, that’s why in my classes you will find a bit of everything that makes yoga special (breathing, stretching, strengthening, sweating, challenging your body and your mind, meditation, chanting mantras, self reflection). I believe in good vibes so that’s what you will get from me.